Partner – One Sixth Warriors

June 2, 2009

One Sixth Warriors™ (OSW) is an interactive community with thousands of registered members from all over the world. The OSW (OSW) was built with the goal of providing a fun place for 1:6 scale collectors, kitbashers, and customizers to relax, share information and generally have a good time. The site has logged millions of page views since the site first went live, making onesixthwarriors.com one of the most visited 1:6 hobbyist sites on the internet.

The OSW (OSW) promotes a friendly and open forum for users to share their know-how, and also discover ways to have a more satisfying experience with the hobby. OSW (OSW) is also very interested in helping our hobby continue well into the 21st century. To that end the OSW (OSW) wants to help foster a place where both beginners and experts can feel at home.

One Sixth Warriors™ (OSW) is the headquarters of the finest website created exclusively for the hardcore 1:6th-scale modeling enthusiast! Accept no imitations!

Not Just About Modern Soldiers Subject matter isn’t limited to modern subjects as you might first expect. Not by a long shot! “All Brands, All Genres, All Eras” are the principles to which we seek to adhere. Vehicles, dioramas, fantasy subjects, science fiction, structures, and whatever else you can imagine (either custom, kitbashed, or straight from the box) that involves 1:6th Scale Modeling are all welcome subjects.
OSW Singapore Embassy will be displaying a group bash diorama and various individual kit bashes.

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