Vendor – Lancashire Marketing Pte Ltd

June 28, 2009

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Blk 3016 Ubi Road 1
Singapore 408706
Tel: +65 6743 1184
Fax: +65 6743 1183



  1. Dear Mr.Ng Peng Haw,

    I am Tommy Okuno from Shine Co.,Ltd. in Japan.
    It is first time to send e-mail to you.
    I got your name and e-mail address from Mr. Uetake of Kawada Co.,Ltd.

    I tried to send e-mail to you as below e-mail address.
    But, it is rejected by server.
    So, I send e-mail from this website.

    Regarding our product, Itazura BANK. I heard that you are interesting our
    product line as attached photo.
    Could you please kindly send us some information as below.

    1. Your company profile
    2. Your market
    3. Your main customer
    4. Model name of Itazura BANK & qty.

    We are look forward to hearing from you soon.

    With best regards,
    T. Okuno

  2. Hi I’m Nazim here my son brought a spy science intruder alarm from school as he went to the toys buffet but there was missing items can I exchange it. Thanks

    Regards Nazim

  3. Hi i brought a skeleton nano block at science centre., there was missing items can I exchange it. Thanks

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