Partner – NerfSG

July 3, 2009

NerfSG is an online community for people of all ages, genders and races to share in one of today’s newest and possibly most exciting interactive activities.

Established in January 2009 the community has grown to over 600 members in 6 months, with the youngest at 8 years old and the oldest over 50. We have members from countries like the US, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Indonesia visiting and contributing in the forum regularly.

On the forum, Members share information on custom paint jobs, what guns and ammo are available and where to get them, not to mention which stores offer the best discounts.

In true fact the attraction of NerfSG are the “foam wars” (wars) that are organised regularly all over the island. Members need only a foam blaster to join in and are even encouraged to bring friends and relatives along. Members can also “host” wars anytime and can design any scenario for wars which can be a simple one on one duel to more elaborate scenarios that can include tactical maneuvers in squads with primary and secondary objectives to be completed. Members learn to be nimble, think fast on their feet and to work in teams. Through these activities while there is some competitive spirit, members develop largely in sportsmanship, camaraderie and the desire to just have fun.

At the carnival the following activities have been lined up:
i) Exhibition
Customisation and Paint Jobs
Photo montage of wars
Weapons familiarisation

ii) Demo Area (Weapons and Tactical Training)
Members of the public will be allowed to have first hand experience of playing in a war
Drop by to find out more details and to get you blood pumping

Please visit us at NerfSG.com for more information.
Contact moderators at the NerfSG forum via email or PM for inquiries or events.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Stay Young Play Hard~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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